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Tersainox® Enterprise

This company division has specialized in the production of equipments of great dimension and thickness mainly used for cellulose, paper, chemistry, mining, and fishing industry.
We emphasize the usage of special alloys materials, such as linked up stainless steel, high nickel steel density, hastelloy, titanium, 25 Smo and others.
We count with a wide experience in equipment production under international standards, such as API, ASME, THEMA, and DOT. We have a large experience in pressure tanks and...[+]

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This division has spent time designing and building transportation solutions so that our clients can get the best benefits using equipments made by Tersainox S.A.
Our goal is to build the most modern and resistant equipments in the market optimizing the connection between tare and useful loads applying high structural resistance and corrosion resistance stainless steel alloys.  We upgrade the freight with distribution spindles and use first level components to carry out a modern logistic solution. Our equipments transport more useful loads than any others in the market; that is our challenge ...[+]

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In this area we have focused in the tank production for varied uses with or without agitation system, with temperature control system, different types of isolations giving solutions to several applications.
We stand out in design experience and equipment production with aseptic and sanitary finish.
We build equipments produced in our facilities as well as assembl ...[+]

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This division Tersainox S.A. stands out for its leadership developing solutions in the wine industry, giving avant - garde solution for this innovative industry. Tersainox S.A. has exported to different countries around the world like France and USA, several types of ferments stating the difference with other manufacturers on the same type of equipments.
We count with the capability to assemble in ground a complete wine cellar in a short period of time. We stand out in polycentric tank designs, which save up space in warehouses, stainless steel casks, ferments, among other solutions

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In its search for new applications for stainless steel, Tersainox S.A. counts with an I & D department, which continuously searches for new constructive solutions and product design.
The vast experience shaping, polishing, and superficial finish of materials, stainless steel welding, and special alloys has allowed us to develop new products and solutions using stainless steel...[+]

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