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Welcome to Tersainox®

We appreciate your visit to our Web Site. You will find some of the solutions we have developed with our clients.

TERSAINOX is a large industrial stainless steel fabricator based en Chile and we are leaders in the manufacture of complex equipment and components in stainless steel, mainly for mining, cellulose, food and wine, transport and storage applications. We offer the fabrication of complete solutions, using the traditional grades of stainless steel, as well as duplex, super duplex, hastelloys, AL6-XN, 254 SMO, titanium and 3cr12, a ferritic SS which is a very economical alternative to coated, lined or galvanized carbon steel. Alternative designs in stainless steel to Australian compliance standards are advantageous in the current market, as cost of over the whole-of-life of the equipment, superior corrosion resistance and structural benefits we may be able to pass onto clients.

Our experience includes working with the clients in the selection of the right grade of material for different applications and the fabrication of equipment for the general range of handling/terminal plants as chutes, bins, hoppers, cabinets, bunkers, pressure vessels, storage tanks, autoclaves, big diameter pipes and ducts, structural beams, railway cars, as well as road tankers and Mobile Manufacturing Units.

In Australia we work with Australian partners, in order to deliver turnkey projects, equipment, assembly, and installations and provide after sales services. We comply with all standards accreditation, quality control procedures, safety management that are require in large scale projects.

We have a commercial presence in this country since 2008, when we decided to take advantage of the Free Trade Agreement between Chile and Australia and the fact that we had a proven track record working successfully with Australian companies in South America. We are convinced that working with our Australian partners, we offer a very competitive alternative to fabricators from low cost countries such as China or India.

Tersainox S.A. A reliable company at your service.

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Wine fermenters tanks
Processes tanks
Industrial projects

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